Development of a Rapid Amniotic Fluid (AF) Test and a Non-Invasive Vaginal Fluid (VF) Test to Detect Intra-Amniotic Infection and Predict Preterm Birth in Women Presenting With Preterm Labor and Intact Amniotic Membranes


To collect clinical specimens and corresponding clinical data to assess the performance of a rapid amniotic fluid test (AF) and a non-invasive vaginal fluid (VF) test for detection of intra-amniotic infection and prediction of preterm birth


Subject is ≥ 18 years of age 

Subject has singleton gestation

Subject has fetus with gestational age ≥ 22 0/7 weeks and ≤ 33 6/7 weeks

Subject has had evidence of spontaneous preterm labor as evidenced by documented regular uterine contractions (≥4 per hour

Subject has onset of contractions was within 48 hours of enrollment in the study

Subject has documented intact amniotic membranes     Subject’s care provider plans to perform an amniocentesis procedure


Have documented ruptured amniotic membranes

Be pregnant with a fetus with major fetal or genetic anomaly or chromosomal aneuploidy

Have  maternal or fetal indication for preterm birth (e.g., pre-eclampsia)

Have evidence of non-reassuring fetal heart rate tracing requiring immediate delivery

Have vaginal bleeding within the past 24 hours ·        Have advanced labor (cervix >4 cm dilated) ·        Have HIV or hepatitis


Stipend: $ 125.00

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