Prospective Research Assessments in Multiple Myeloma: An Observational Evaluation (PREAMBLE)


To examine how multiple myeloma is treated by doctors all over the world, how people respond to these treatments, & the economic impact of these treatments


People ≥ 18 years old                        

Have started treatment for multiple myeloma within 90 days before consent for this study or plans to begin treatment within 30 days after consent.

Must fit into 1 of the following groups:

Group A: People whose multiple myeloma has returned after at least 1 prior line of treatment, who will begin a new line of treatment

Group B: People newly diagnosed with multiple myeloma, beginning initial line of treatment

You Cannot: Currently be receiving treatment for another cancer other than multiple myeloma

Currently be participating in another research study for multiple myeloma


The total duration for this study is up to 5 years

Each person who joins this study will have their information collected for the study:

· Every 3 months for the 1st year

· Every 6 months for years 2-5

Interested in more information on this clinical research study?

Contact WK Cancer Center Clinical Research Department at 318-212-8671

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Trial Type: NA
Sponsor: Bistrol Myers Squibb